March 2020 Vs March 2021

2020 Numbers vs 2021 Numbers

Here are side-by-side numbers and percent change to blow your mind with.  Message us for other Austin area zip code comparisons.

Real Estate in the News

What Will Real Estate Look Like In 2021? 

Chances are, you, or someone you know, has bought or sold a house in the last 10 months. No matter if you are moving across the street or across the country, it’s all part of a record-setting real estate boom. 

Triggered by job and financial changes, the push to stay at home, and low interest rates - t

he real estate boom is far from over. Here are three key home buying trends to look for in 2021.

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Lifestyle Tips & Tricks

Early to List, Early to Sell.

Give Your Home the Head

start it Deserves.

With Compass Coming Soon, you can 

give a curated audience of potential 

buyers an early look at your property.

With ample time to prepare, we can 

gather valuable feedback to drive 

demand and generate buzz prior to 

going live. 

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Featured Listings

2021 Surrey Hill Drive
Westlake Estate Lot

Private Exclusive

5.2 Acres | Views | $2,629,000

2709 Regents Park
Treemont in Westlake

Private Exclusive -

 Under Contract

4 Bed | 4.5 Bath | 4,657 SF | $3,100,000
197 Shirley Drive
Buyer Represented - Under Contract

Back-up Contract into First Position!

4 Bed | 2.5 Bath | $410,000
2507 Sherwood Lane, Unit B

Buyer Represented - Under Contract

Multiple offer WIN!

3 Bed | 2 Bath | $450,000
Bulian Lane
Westwood - New Construction

off Market - Buyer Represented

Views | Pool | $3,800,000
5332 Balcones Drive, Unit D
Highland Park West - SOLD!
2 Bed | 2 Bath
The Summit In Westlake
Coming Soon
6 Bed | 6 Bath | 8,266 SF | $5,700,000
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