Why Moving May Be Better Than Staying: Top 5 Reasons for Homeowners 55+

Many people feel that since they own their home, they should just keep it. For others, the thought of moving simply never crossed their minds or seems like a daunting task. And let’s not forget the memories! However, staying in your current home may not always be the best option. There are many reasons people 55+ might consider selling their homes and switching to a house that is more suited to fit their needs and lifestyle.

Here are my Top 5 Reasons why moving may make more sense than staying:

1. Simplify! As life evolves, the kids move out and spare bedrooms see less and less use. This extra room equates to more cleaning and maintenance. Often the house stands in the way of spending more time with family who live elsewhere or traveling to destinations on the bucket list. By downsizing, or as I like to say, rightsizing, you can change your quality of life and create less stress, free up time, and often money.

2. Grandkids! Okay, let’s face it, we live in a world where kids head off to college, and often don’t come back home. Then they get grounded in their careers, get married, and have kids. You dream they will come during the holidays and summer breaks. The reality is, they have busy lives, the grandkids have activities, and for vacations… well, they want to travel. So, you are flying back and forth to spend time with them, sometimes taking them all on vacation with you, and admit it, you spend time trolling real estate websites looking for homes closer to them.

3. Spending Money on Upgrading Systems, Technology, and Layout! Aging baby boomers are spending a small fortune upgrading their current homes with smart home tech. And if they aren’t upgrading the tech, they are remodeling or making modifications to their homes that will allow them to age in place.

4. Social Life Changes! As people retire, their social life changes. They often take up new activities… have you heard of Pickleball? 😊 They volunteer, get involved in lifelong passions like photography, painting, or biking. Often their friend community changes. That is why many people choose to move to a 55+ community where many activities and social events are baked into the fabric of the community.

5. Walkability! Let’s face it, living in the United States most likely means that you rely on your car. As people shift into retirement, many simply want to walk to restaurants, shops, and stores. They don’t want to rely on getting in their cars for everything they do.

If you or your parents are considering a lifestyle move, please feel free to reach out to us.

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